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"Hidden Gems Of Oahu” 
Join us on a full day tour to visit beautiful Oahu landmarks and hidden spots on our Hidden Gems of Oahu tour. Our local guide will provide a true Hawaiian experience in which you will learn about the history and culture of our home. Highlights of the tour include snorkeling with Hawaiian Green Sea turtles, Northshore shrimp stands, sunset beach and much more!
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Waikiki pickup 7am-7:30 am

Our friendly bus drivers will arrive at 7am for pick up in Waikiki, and help you get ready for a day of adventures.

Diamond Head Lookout

Our first stop brings us sweeping views of the coastline, with Diamond Head in the backdrop, a great opportunity for pictures. 

Halona Blowhole Lava Tube

Formed thousands of years ago by molten lava tubes, the tubes run to the ocean, and when a wave hits, they spray water into the air. Nearby is a small beach cove, where the honu (Green sea turtles) are known to rest.

Tropical Farms Hawaiian Coffee And Macnut Sampling

After a beautiful scenic drive along Oahu’s coastline, we arrive at Tropical Farms which offers delicious coffee, chocolates and Macadamia nut treats! They also sell gift baskets and other souvenirs, a great place to get gifts for anyone back home.

Tropical Fruit Stands

After another breathtaking drive, we make our way to the northern part of the island. A quick stop at the tropical fruit stands, which offers ice cold coconuts to drink from, mango’s, and other tropical treats.

Famous North Shore Shrimp Farms/Trucks

A must stop on Oahu, get a chance to try the buttery garlic infused shrimp. A little of sweetness, a little chared, these shrimp are served with a side of rice, and every bit delicious.

North Shore Oahu Beaches

Golden sand, endless blue ocean, and a gentle sea breeze, away from the crowded Waikiki beach, these are some of the best beaches Oahu has to offer. A stop that will offer you a chance for some more wonderful pictures, and long lasting memories.

Turtle Sightings!

The Green Sea Turtles come out to bask in the sun, and offer visitors a rate chance to see them in person.


A dip into the clear waters of the North Shore will give you a glimpse into the flourishing marine life.

Dole Plantation

A tour of the famous Dole Plantation, which includes all types of activities, historical displays, and a verity of gifts. Of course you will have a chance to get some of the amazing DoleWhip®among other refreshments and foods.

Waikiki Return 4:30

After a day of activities and fun, we return to Waikiki, just in time to make plans for the night.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our Oahu tour lasts approximately 8 hours, depending on where you’re staying in Waikiki. Pickups are anywhere between 7:00-745 am, drop-offs are between 4:30-5:00 pm

What to bring?

Please bring extra cash for lunch, snacks, Dole’s pineapple ice cream etc. If you’re planning on swimming, and snorkeling please bring a towel and an extra change of clothes. Sunscreen is also highly recommended.

Restroom Stops?

There will be many stops along the way, about every 30-45 minutes for restroom stops.

Cancellation Policy?

Cancel within 48 hrs no questions asked!

What If I cant Swim?

No problem! Many guests take the trip for sightseeing and all the amazing stops on the way to the north shore. The great thing about where we snorkel is that it’s is very shallow. Some participants just wade in the water and hang out on the beach!

How Long Can I Snorkel? Is Snorkel Gear Included?

Snorkeling with turtles is approximately 1 hour.

What If I Don't See Turtles?

We don’t guarantee turtle sightings because we can’t control wildlife. However, it is highly likely because we work with the lifeguards on the north shore that do turtle spotting for us. If you don’t see turtles you may join the tour again for free until you see turtles!